About Us
About Us
We at Dhaba Singh make sure to always deliver our best taste and quality and in terms of freshness we never compromise. We serve a variety of Punjabi dishes and beverages, because authentic Punjabi dish is incomplete without a glass of Lassi. We choose fresh and hand-picked ingredients to begin with and then we also use all the safety measures while cooking, like keeping cleanliness in check. We also help the people who are looking ahead in starting their business by helping them in setting up a franchise.

Our Concept

We work on the main motive to get the feel of Punjab through food.
While ordering from us one can feel the jazz and fun of the diverse food culture developed in the streets of Punjab. The pull of the brand is so powerful that people will be attracted to the diverse food offered. We feel the utmost pleasure in handpicking the finest and popular food products that are been offered to our customers.
Dhaba Singh denotes the traditional and authentic recipes being reworked and presented in modern-day format. Dhaba Singh has varieties of food to offer starting from quick starters to delicious vegetables and curries accompanied by various types of bread. And of course the most important of all, we serve taste and quality.

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We are excited to tell you that we have Dhaba Singh’s Cloud Kitchen business model which can be taken as a franchise in India. We are looking for various business enthusiasts to take Dhaba Singh franchise in their city.